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A Note From Darryl Ford

Welcome to Ikon Community Church. You might be asking who we are, and on some level, we are too! On one hand, we worship together, study the Bible, and serve inside and outside of church community. On the other hand, Ikon is a group of people that has been overwhelmed by a story of epic proportions — a story that is longer, deeper, higher and wider than we could have ever imagined.

Ikon Community Church is a community of people that is still trying to understand and live out the revolutionary new reality that has been demonstrated by Jesus — the person whose life, death, and resurrection has redefined the meaning of everyone and everything in the world. Together, we are still figuring out how to think, feel, and live under his reign of grace.

While we aren’t perfect, and we fail to fully live out what we believe and know at times, the great news is that God is surprisingly content and even excited to patiently abide with broken people like us — people spending the rest of our lives fighting to really “get it,” believe it, and live it out. We don’t promise to be perfect, but we are a community that yearns for:

  • A life defined by the radical grace offered to us through Jesus Christ.

  • A community that struggles to be both more radically accepting and radically challenging than any affinity groups can offer.

  • Seeing the brokenness of our communities and cultures made into beautiful signposts of a beautiful future reality.


I’m looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to our community, as well as the all encompassing goodness of Jesus Christ.

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