Missional Community Groups

Why missional community group?

One of our church values is authentic Community. We believe this is the way

that God shapes his church into his Ikon (image).

The primary way we hope to achieve this is through Ikon Missional Communities.

These are groups where we hope people can connect, go deep, celebrate life’s successes,

and converse about life’s biggest struggles.

Ikon Missional Communities are settings that allow people to commit to each other

and submit to the values at Ikon. Ikon is not a church that only uses people to

“get ministry done”. We hope for Ikon to be a ministry that gets people done.

We need each other, so we would love for you to join us at one of our groups.

Current Groups

Ikon Missional Communities are meeting on the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month in various locations

throughout metro-Atlanta. If you have not yet been contacted by a leader and are interested

in being part of a group please contact us.